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Mammoth’s vision is to provide a CRISPR-based platform on which an infinite number of tests can be built by both the Company and its partners – democratizing access to an endless variety of tests for bio sensing in healthcare, as well as across industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, forensics, and more.


MDClone’s Healthcare Data Sandbox unlocks healthcare data to enable limitless discovery and collaboration. Leveraging the temporal nature of healthcare with its Longitudinal Data Engine and unprecedented privacy protections with its Synthetic Data Engine, the Sandbox enables the healthcare ecosystem to improve quality, empower research, and drive innovation.


MDSG is a medical technologies innovation platform, focusing primarily on a variety of cardiovascular technology opportunities. The Company is developing a myriad of device and digital health technologies based on the ongoing input of prominent Key Opinion Leaders in the field.

Medial EarlySign

Medial EarlySign develops a predictive care engine driven by medical data. It leverages a machine learning-based artificial intelligence infrastructure designed to detect early warning signals and health risks, or ‘blind spots’, in routine electronic health records (EHR). By exposing these hidden signals, EarlySign enables providers to identify individuals at risk and increase the likelihood of successful diagnosis and early intervention


NanoGhost creates unique mesenchymal stem cell-derived nano-vesicles that may be loaded with any therapeutic of choice and retain the selective targeting capabilities of their source cells while leading to dramatic tumor growth inhibition.


Nobio™ is a privately held company involved in the development of antimicrobial particles that can be permanently embedded in multiple products and materials to perpetually inhibit formation of biofilm on their surface. A biofilm is a group of microorganisms in which cells stick to each other and to a surface


Seer is a life sciences company focused on capturing deep molecular insights from the proteome to enable novel insights and breakthroughs in the understanding of biology and disease. The company’s novel

Proteograph™ platform allows for the first-ever generation of proteomic information with high accuracy at a scale and speed not previously possible

Seventh Sense Bio

Seventh Sense Biosystems has designed and developed TAP™, the world’s first push-button blood collection device. It makes the process simple, convenient, and virtually painless.


A vocal biomarkers company, developing artificial intelligence and voice analysis applications for the health sector. The company provides digital tools for diagnosing and monitoring of multitude health conditions (e.g. COPD, CHF, Sleep Apnea) from speech derived features.

Zebra Medical Vision

Zebra Medical Vision uses deep learning to teach software to automatically analyze medical imaging data for clinical findings. Its radiology Imaging Analytics Platform gives healthcare institutions tools to potentially identify patients at risk of disease, allowing them to improve patient care, increase capacity and lower costs.