aMoon Alpha

aMoon Alpha is an in-house team dedicated to strengthening our portfolio company’s execution capabilities and unlocking additional value creation opportunities. By leveraging our internal capabilities, scale and global network, we don’t simply hope for the best, we deliver it.


We operate a global talent engine that
identifies and engages exceptional
entrepreneurs, managerial candidates
and top advisors, efficiently matching
them with the ongoing needs
of our portfolio companies.


Our Bridges program connects aMoon portfolio companies with key
ecosystem players in the healthcare field. Through these relationships,
entrepreneurs are able to sharpen their understanding of market
needs, refine product market-fit, and execute operational plans with
greater impact and speed. We help our companies build partnerships
with top private and public co-investors, Wall Street leaders, research
institutions and payers and provider networks, as well as the largest
Biopharma, MedTech and Tech corporations in the world.


We have built and are continually refining a set
of proprietary research and intelligence sources
to help our investment teams stay on top of
emerging trends, create robust investment
theses, and assist our portfolio companies with
the depth of their market insights.