We are in the
age of discovery, seizing a unique moment in time.

Every generation experiences a breakthrough that alters the world. Technology has transformed virtually every aspect of our lives. Now, it’s healthcare’s turn. aMoon is here to accelerate this transformation.

Trust the moonshot: We believe that the key to achieving the impossible is investing in it.

Trust isn’t just what aMoon means in Hebrew. It’s what we stand for. We build partnerships with outstanding entrepreneurs and scientists who are transforming the way we diagnose, treat and cure. Together with our portfolio companies we work to advance solutions that will help people live healthier, better lives. Our trust translates into doing everything in our power to get our companies to the moon. We share their passion and sense of urgency, and work tirelessly to help pave their path to world-changing cures. Where others hear moonshot and see the impossible, we seek out moonshots and see what is possible.

The low cost and democratization of genomic sequencing is laying the groundwork for a new era of medical discovery

Cost of Whole Genome Sequencing
$1,000,000,000 $10,000,000 $1,000,000 $100,000 $10,000 $1,000 $100 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020
FDA approved personalized medicines
0 50 100 300 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018 2020 250 200 150

Source: National Human Genome Research Institute; The Personalized Medicine Coalition, “The Personalized Medicine Report”, 2020

Harvesting a deep blue ocean of innovation 
to revolutionize healthcare.

As healthcare costs rise to unsustainable levels and life spans increase, there is an acute need and unprecedented potential for technology to revolutionize healthcare. The tsunami created by the convergence of biology and technology has created enormous opportunities to improve the quality, affordability and access to healthcare. It is time to realize the potential for HealthTech to not only extend life, but to improve our quality of life: to provide proactive, not just reactive care. To prevent, not only to treat.

We know
the impossible.
from Israel.

A global fund based in Israel with over $1.1B AUM, aMoon leverages the pioneering scientific research, raw talent and do-the-impossible culture of the Startup Nation. As Israel’s largest HealthTech VC fund, we partner with outstanding entrepreneurs who harness groundbreaking science and technology to transform healthcare. We build bridges between our portfolio companies and global tech, finance and medical research hubs to help entrepreneurs turn their vision into reality.

aMoon’s unique team and platform harnesses the fund's size — representing over 50 experts and advisors around the globe — to give our portfolio companies an unmatched competitive edge. Through our Velocity Fund we invest in companies pursuing disruptive, cutting-edge technologies as early as venture formation through seed A. Our Growth Fund invests in later-stage companies that are either generating revenue in growth rounds, pre-IPO rounds or in pivotal clinical trials.

aMoon Alpha taps the fund’s global network and talent capabilities

to offer our portfolio companies tailored access to global capital markets, leading research and scientific institutions, strategic collaborators and customers. With the goal of harvesting exceptional science to generate outsized returns, aMoon Alpha equips entrepreneurs with the expertise, networks, connections, resources and support they need to accelerate their path to value creation so they can build world-leading companies.

In essence, we are here to accelerate cure

We understand entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs.

aMoon was established by serial entrepreneurs Dr. Yair Schindel and Marius Nacht in 2017 to seize this unique moment in time. Yair, a physician, entrepreneur and investor, sensed that HealthTech held the potential to unleash a transformation that could dramatically change the way healthcare is delivered: from reactive to predictive, from treatment to prevention, from generic to personalized. Marius, who helped build the cybersecurity industry from the ground up as a cofounder of Check Point, witnessed through his father’s battle with cancer the vast unmet need for innovation in the healthcare industry.

A global interdisciplinary team working tirelessly for our companies.

We are MD’s, PhD’s, entrepreneurs and investors from around the globe who have dedicated our lives to science, medicine, technology, and progress. Armed with a deep understanding of how the healthcare world operates and how a highly successful company is built, we are in a unique position to navigate the complexities of this promising new industry. We remove boundaries and break silos, working tirelessly to bring revolutionary ideas to life quickly.

Solving for Alpha: Identifying unique opportunities to capture and deliver value

aMoon Alpha is an internal unit within aMoon that is charged with solving for alpha – generating superior returns over market performance in a way that doesn’t simply hope for the best, but makes it happen. Alpha channels the unique scale, network qualities and capabilities of aMoon to continuously and effectively address the needs of our portfolio companies.

Our Alpha platform revolves
around three main initiatives:

Talent: A global network that identifies and engages exceptional managerial candidates and top advisors, effectively and efficiently matching them with the ongoing needs of our portfolio companies. We also target experienced tech managers who may be looking to transition into the HealthTech ecosystem through a few highly specialized programs.

Bridges: A series of targeted efforts to engage the key stakeholders of the HealthTech ecosystem by building customized, intimate partnerships. Our Bridge program includes the Bridge to Wall Street, Bridge to science and other high-impact bridges with top payers and providers, including the largest Biopharma, MedTech and data corporations in the world.

Intelligence: Derived from proprietary sources and unique analysis that drives innovative and sometimes contrarian investment views.