aMoon Growth

Our Growth Fund looks for mission-driven companies led by exceptional management teams that have the potential to accelerate cure and reach significant value inflection points in the initial years following investment.

When we partner with a company we bring the power of our platform to assist management teams to execute on the plan. We harness our relationships across academia, payors/providers, strategics, and Wall Street to propel companies forward. Our growth investment team is comprised of people with deep scientific, clinical and financial backgrounds, much of this gained from years studying and working in the USA, UK, Canada and Israel.

More than great management teams that are smart problems solvers, we seek out teams that share our values. We like great technologies, but what really moves us is evidence of a highly compelling product:market fit. Market size is a consideration, but we care much more about ability to gain market access. More than valuation, we focus on the value that can be created by answering an unmet medical need.

In Biotech and Medtech we get excited by companies that have achieved initial clinical proof of concept and can reach a significant efficacy readout over the next two years. In life science tools and diagnostics we look for companies that have developed breakthrough instruments that are approaching or in the midst of beta testing and will begin commercialization shortly. In digital health we seek out companies that have achieved initial repeat revenues and are looking to scale commercially.

As a $750M global growth fund, our typical initial investment is in the range of $10-30M and we look to support companies over time in subsequent rounds of financing. Although we almost always lead or co-lead investments, our partnership mentality means that we look to syndicate investment opportunities with strong partners. We build trust-based relationships and are active on company boards where we advise CEOs and bring the power of our network to the table.

We invite you to share your mission with us.