Pioneering AI-Based Cancer Diagnostics in Pathology

IBEX is a digital health company using AI to develop clinical-grade solutions that help diagnose cancer. IBEX’s Galen platform uses algorithms to analyze images, detect & grade cancer in biopsies, and point to other findings of high clinical importance, helping pathologists reduce diagnostic error rates, significantly decrease turn-around time, and enable a more efficient workflow.

Deployed worldwide, IBEX’s Galen Prostate™, Galen Breast™, and Galen Gastric™ are the first ever AI-based cancer detection solutions used in routine clinical practice in pathology labs, with demonstrated success in detecting missed cancer cases.

IBEX also develops companion diagnostic solutions that combine pathology data with electronic medical records, obtained through exclusive access to Maccabi Healthcare. This pairing will assist the Company in revealing underlying patterns and extract valuable clinical insights that can transform how pathology and oncology are practiced.