Looking Through our Glass

“Well, now that we have seen each other," said the unicorn,"if you'll believe in me, I'll believe in you.” Lewis Carroll

Every investor will tell you they invest in great companies with amazing teams and novel ideas focused on big markets ripe for disruption. We do too, but we look for more. We invest in companies that share our values.

Trust is the foundation and the basis of how we work as a firm and how we work with companies and entrepreneurs. aMoon stands on a core set of values that we hold near and dear. We look to partner with passionate entrepreneurs who reflect our value system. We seek out strong teams that integrate complementary attributes: confident yet humble; tenacious yet self-reflective; visionary yet relentlessly execution-oriented; decisive yet agile. When we find a CEO and management team with these attributes, we work to create a relationship of trust and harness our capabilities and network for the benefit of the company and patients.

We believe that the time for HealthTech is now.

The convergence of healthcare and technology is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, and great progress is being made to improve quality, access and cost of healthcare delivery. We are looking for management teams that are passionate about fulfilling the promise of this convergence. Great entrepreneurs seize the moment. As a young fund, we were built on the premise of seizing the convergence between technology and healthcare. Even we did not anticipate how quickly the world around us would advance. And so we seek out entrepreneurs who recognize the need to act now and have the passion to make a difference.

aMoon was established as a multi-disciplinary team with global experience and deep expertise because we believe that diversity of opinion and experience creates better outcomes. We look for teams that are also built upon a diversity of experience and on a backbone of trust.

We believe these are two of the key ingredients that make the best companies.

Team and trust are key ingredients, but no company (or fund) is complete without a vision.

At aMoon, we are out to change the world of healthcare, leverage new disruptive technologies, make a lasting positive impact, introduce cutting-edge solutions to unmet medical needs that will better people’s lives and reduce cost. In short, to accelerate cure. We look for companies that have the same grand ambition and in the process create substantial value for stakeholders.

We are dedicated to making an impact today and when we invest in a company, when we step through the looking glass together, it is because we share core values and have developed a relationship of trust built on shared core values. Every VC will tell you what makes a great company — aMoon will partner with you and work tirelessly to make it happen.

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